pitää, täytyä, [[olla]] [[pakko]], in a jos clause'', pitäisi, sattua, täytyy, tullimaksu, työvuoro, velvollisuus, [[olla]] [[velkaa]], [[olla]] [[veloissa]], määrätä, omata, pyytää, synnyttää, kotiläksyt p, kotitehtävä p, valmistautuminen p


*: he imprint not so much in his schollers mind...where Marcellus died, as because he was unworthy of his devoire he died therenb....

*: I should have long ere this paid my devoirs to the inhabitants of Raymond Castle.

*: Then quoth the portress to the mistress of the house, "O my lady, arise and go to thy place that I in turn may do my devoir."

*: That is the little bit of essential information which enables us to complete our devoir – without it we are just ordinary people, dispossessed, taken unawares: the original sin!

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