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*: Plate 31, figure B shows a desiccated carcass in the ventral position with a sharp S curvature in the vertebral column. Such pronounced drying-out of a carcass probably happens only when it is quickly carried to a dry place and exposed to the strong rays of the sun.

*: Despite all of the groups experiences with leopards and carcasses in trees, neither the vervets nor the baboons gave alarm calls at the sight of the carcass alone.

*: Instead, the majority of studies involve freezing the carcasses until time permits the analysis.

*: Lean flavor scores for this muscle were lower than those for ribeye, especially in Prime grade carcasses.

*: The most important is the carcass but the liver, kidneys and, to a limited extent, various other visceral components also have value as food items....For example, the carcasses from sheep and cattle have the head removed immediately after slaughter but in pigs this may be delayed until after chilling and further butchery.

*: In some countries, there is still a significant trade in chicken carcasses that have been plucked, but not eviscerated, by the producer. Subsequently, the carcass may be eviscerated by a butcher or in the kitchen of the consumer.

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