ämyri, kaiutin, kajari, kovaääninen, haastaa, hauta, kaivanto, kivi, kolo, kuoppa, monttu, pelisali, permanto, pohja, rokonarpi, rumpusektio, siemen, syvältä, varikko, [[mennä]] [[varikolle]], [[panna]] [[taistelemaan]], [[tehdä]] [[koloja]], aakkoslaji, case, kotelo, kuori, laukku, matkalaukku, oikeustapaus, pakata, pakkaus, sijamuodot p, tutkia, vitriini, aitio, alasuoja, koiranpensas, koju, koppi, koteloida, kuskinpukki, laatikko, laatikollinen, loosi, pesä, puksipuu, ruutu, telkkari, toosa, tussu, [[pakata]] ([[laatikkoon]] ''sg'', [[laatikoihin]] ''pl''), istuinkoppi, pömpeli, pukukoppi


: ux|en|a box of books

: a sentry box

: Place a tick or a cross in the box.

: This text would stand out better if we put it in a box of colour.

: ux|en|Im really in a box now.

: ux|en|a UNIX box

*: i cant seem to find any how-to regarding connecting a terminal to a linux boxen via parallel port...

*: Furthermore, it is necessary that all four Linux boxen have the same development environment...

*: He was a fine-looking middle-aged man, and his voice said at once that he expected to be obeyed. He was very friendly and polite to John, and after giving us a slight look, he called a groom to take us to our boxes, and invited John to take some refreshment.

: a shooting box

: rfquotek|Wilson

*: tight boxes neatly sashed

*: Nevertheless, the application of woods other than box for purposes for which that wood is now used would tend to lessen the demand for box, and thus might have an effect in lowering its price.

*: “Evenin’, folks. Thought y’all might lak uh lil music this evenin’ so Ah brought long mah box.”

*: And then he whispered something to the girl which made her laugh, and give him a good-humored box on the ear.

: box someones ears

: Leave this place before I box you!

suositut haut
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