dongeli, palikka, räätäli, räätälöidä, sinikala, vaatehtia, vaatturi, mukauttaa, sopeuttaa, sopeutua, sopiva, soveltaa, sovittaa, kohtaus, korrekti, puuska, sairaskohtaus, sopia, sovelias, haaroitin, sopeutuja, sovitin


: He was an able adapter, and could easily adjust to the differences when the company changed ownership.

: The critic gave rave reviews to the adapter of the ancient play, who worked to give the text more relevance to the modern day.

: He had an adapter that let him plug his phone into the cars cigarette lighter for power.

: The wall outlet sprouted an electrical monstrosity of adapters plugged into adapters that sparked ominously.

: We bought adapters to use our three-prong plugs in the two-prong, unpolarized outlets of the old house.

: I lost my cellphones adaptor so I couldnt recharge it.

suositut haut
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